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Verfasst von Paweł Pietrusiewicz, Polen

Tunisstraße, 50667 Köln, Köln, Deutschland

So, while being in Köln, I visited WDR Arkden. Or at least I thought so, because I wasn't clear on the mening of the word „Arkaden" and I was informed that WDR is a big German radio station, so after walking through the city for a solid hour, I was very happy when I saw a huge „WDR” sign, and came to a conclusion, that „Arkaden” must mean an arc, like the unassuming one on the other side of the street. 

My foto

At first I was kind of disappointed, because all the other boys and girls  got churches and city halls, and I was stuck with this very unimpressive structure, that I knew nothing about, but at least I completed my task. I took another foto of the WDR HQ with cathedral in the background.

My foto

Then I got to the Internet and found out that my real objective was a huge shopping mall like 15 meters from the arc. All I can say bout it is that it's a very modern looking building with lots of glass and concrete, but that's all from the pictures in the web, since I haven't actually seen it in person. Nevertheless this was an interesting experience for me. I really liked discovering what my goal was,and then discovering it again. The city also left a huge impression on me, with all of it's old houses combined with modern architecture. 


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