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Verfasst von Tomasz Szewczyk, Polen

Römerberg 60311 Frankfurt, Frankfurt , Deutschland

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.   

The Schirn Kunsthalle is an exhibition hall in Frankfurt, Germany, located in the old city between the Römer and the Frankfürt Cathedral. I found this following  informations in internet: "The Kunsthalle Schirn was designed and built beginning in 1983 by the Architekturbüro BJSS (Dietrich Bangert, Bernd Jansen, Stefan Jan Scholz, and Axel Schultes). The opening took place on February 28, 1986. The Kunsthalle has an overall exhibition space of more than 1,400 square meters". Unfortunately, I was in the middle of the building because I didn´t have enought time. To sum up, I was very impressed with the sight of Frankfurt and I would love to visit again in the future.