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Verfasst von Simeon Radosta, Tschechische Republik,8.679457,685m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47bd0eaf0f1fde07:0x4adaf6796c9977da!6m1!1e1, Frankfurt, Deutschland

The central point of Frankfurt Hauptwache square was named after a small baroque building also part of the square. The building was originaly built for purposes of frankfurt's militia in 1730, in the time Frankfurt was free city. After Prussia annexed Franfurt in 1866 the Hauptwache became police station, because prison was located there. In 19. century the building was used as a cafe.

Hauptwache square and its U-bahn station is the biggest crossroad in Frankfurt.Tourists might be puzzled by the Hole, which is composed by multiple stairs leading underground where shops and public station can be found. I do not even need to recomend this place, because everybody, who visits Frankfurt almost certainly will visit Hauptwache too and will be amazed by different styles of architecture surrounding the square.


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