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Verfasst von Besnik Gashi, Deutschland

Am Schlosspark, Alzey, Deutschland


In the Schlosspark (Castle Park) in Alzey you can do something like playing Football or other Ball Games, but you can relax or learn for school, too. The Schlosspark (Castle Park) is a quiet location. 


About the Castle:

From the beginning of the 16th century it was an Imperial castle. Now it is a castle. In 1689 in the Palatine succession war (Pfälzischen Erbfolgekrieg) the Castle was destroyed. Up to the beginning from the 20th century the Castle was built by the Grand duchy Hessen (Großherzogtum Hessen). Before it was destroyed the castle was the residence of the "Oberamt" administration. Today it is the residence from the district court Alzey, and in the castle there is a girls boarding school.