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The last pub before the end of the world

Verfasst von Agnes Prats, Frankreich

19 avenue Victoria, 75001, Paris, Frankreich


"The last pub before the end of the world" is locaded in the middle of Paris. It is very original place decored in an industriel, steampunk and science-fiction atmosphere. This pub is distinctive because we have the possibility to play society games like jungle speed, cards against humanity ...

This place receive a lots of events like exhibitions. The 25th and 26th April, the japanese artist Akiakane was invited. Autograph conferences were organized also geek blind test or games event during the night.

"The last pub before the end of the world" is a particular place with an unique atmosphere. It is a place of meeting, discovery, and games. The fact we can drink and play games in the same time gives friendly atmosphere.

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