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Museum Ludwig

Verfasst von Peter Farkas, Ungarn

Heinrich-Böll-Platz, Cologne, Deutschland

Museum Ludwig is located in Cologne, in Germany. If you walk near the museum you can get a beautiful view on the breathtaking Dom.

My friends with the building

The museum is really famous about its modern arts. We can find works from Pop Art, Abstract and Surrealism and it has one of the largest Picasso collection in Europa. There are more than 900 works by Picasso, and only Paris and Barcelona have more than this.

The museum emerged in 1976 as an independent institution from the Wallraf-Richartz Museum. The recent building was designed by a famous architects and it was only opened in 1986.



The museum

It is really easy to find it because it is in the city center and it is near the Cathedral. If you go to Cologne you should visit this museum and I recommend it to everybody!

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