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Verfasst von Patrik aus Ungarn, Ungarn

Rudolfplatz, Köln, Deutschland

The Hahnentorburg is a part of the city wall, which has twelve buildings. It used to defend the city and its inhabitants in Cologne. The wall was built between 1180 and 1220. This can be found at Rudolf square (Rudolfplatz).

This is the place where kings used to enter the city, when they came to the coronation. It also had other functions, for instance prison for criminals.

The name 'Hahnen' comes from the word 'Hano' which means wood.


In 1890 it was renovated by Josef Stübben, and from that date it functioned as a historical museum (it was the ancestor of the contemporary museum). Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the second world war. After it was rebuilt, it became a gallery for modern art and a casino was also established here.


Nowadays Hahnentorburg is a place where people can hold events such as weddings, family events, etc. The place also offers a wide range of delicious soups, meats, cold cuts and quality drinks. It is something that people from Cologne can be very proud of. 

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