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Verfasst von Franka Ibald, Deutschland

Braugasse 6 /56068 Koblenz, Koblenz , Deutschland

flickr - Der Toco

eGeLoSIa. This is the name of the best ice cream parlour in Koblenz and probably in whole europe. You can find the main branche in the beautiful historic city of koblenz. Next door the is the "Liebfrauenkirche" and on its steps all coblenz poeple are sitting and eating ice cream in the summer.

The eGeLoSIa has a huge range of a lot of different and special sorts of ice cream. It starts with chocolatey dark chocolate with tiny chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream with huge chocolate-cookiechips or yoghurt ice cream with raspberries and ends with fruity sorbet ice cream. Everyone can choose his own favorite combination. 


Also there is every time something new, when the staffs with the white coats develop new recepts in the ice cream laboratory. You can also see this laboratory while you are enjoying your ice cream outside and you can comprehend how the staffs are developing new sorts of ice cream. 

So because of the wonderful position, in the beautiful historic city, und the huge range of the most different and most special sorts of ice cream you can imagine, eGeLoSIa is, personally, my favorite place in Europe. I advise everyone to go at least one time in their life to this ice cream parlour and buy an ice cream. 

My personal tip: Rochère, maracuya and yoghurt- forest fruit. 

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