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Verfasst von Anna Benešová, Tschechische Republik

An der Staufenmauer 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, Frankfurt am Rhein, Deutschland

Staufenmauer was an old city wall of Frankfurt am Mein in Germany. The Staufenmauer followed present streets Großer Hirschgraben, Holzgraben and Fahrgasse/Börnestraße.

By Anna Benešová

The Staufenmauer was built in 1180 by the Hohenstaufen in order to protect the city from attacks and surround the present Altstadt. The Hohenstaufen were a dynasty of German kings during the Middle Ages, who ruled Germany and also the Kingdom of Sicily.

Hohenstaufen coat of arms

Odejea, via Wikimedia Commons


In 1333 was Frankfurt am Rhein expanded and the old wall became a victim of efforts to reorganize the city defenses. The eastern part of the wall was preserved, but in 1711 and in 1719 the fire disasters damaged it. The first fire disaster happened in the jewish ghetto and the second one was in the district along the Fahrgasse and Töngesgasse.


via Wikimedia Commons


Remains of Staufenmauer can be seen in the Fahrgasse and at the Liebfrauenkirche.

By Mylius, via Wikimedia Commons

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