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Verfasst von Paulina Lisowska, Polen

Zeil 123 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, Deutschland

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Since 2004 Vielotaxi is the environmentally friendly Mobilitatspartner the city of Frankfurt am Main. 25 CityCruiser transport from April to October up to 1,000 passengers per week.
The Vielotaxi is powered by an electric auxiliary engine of the company Heinzmann. After each use the batteries are charged in the evening in the company's climate-certified farm.
I read it in the information. I'd love to see them again. I saw them for the first time. It left me with a great impression. At the site I checked the information the turist board and later  I have read on the Internet.
I saw Vielotaxi when I was at the Zeilgalerie.