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Verfasst von Yen Linh Bui, Deutschland

Planstraße 2 , Koblenz-Güls, Deutschland

The traditional wine-flower-festival by/near/at the Untermosel respectively Terassenmosel is popular in the whole region. The festival consisting since 1950 get's/becomes every year more and more popular. The highlight is the every second year proclamation of the new flower- and wine queen as well as the two princesses. In the second year in office of the kings, there will be a big parade, which is a big highlight for every visitor and all the teams. The festival starts traditionally with the pick-up of the flower- and wine queen and ends with a folkloric evening(?!). The festival varité inspires also with wizards and artists, not only the little visitors with their arts.

My personally recommendation for older visitors is the opening- and saturday-night. And for the younger people my hint is the super exciting and funny festival varité. With many visitors, a good mood and nice music and of course delicious wines the festival will be every year a great experience.  

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