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Verfasst von Anna Schultz, Deutschland

Bleiloch-Talsperre, Bad Lobenstein, Deutschland

Bleiloch- Talsperre, Bad Lobenstein, Deutschland

Bad Lobenstein. A mountain. A water reservoir. One of the most beautifulls places to visit.

The water reservoir "Bleiloch- Talstelle" in Bad Lobenstein is the biggest water reservoir of Germany and wonderful. It snakes its way through wooded valleys and huge mountains.

As huge as the water reservoir is the wall that holds the lake. The Bleilochtalstelle is 65 meter high and 205 meter large. It's near to Gräfenwarth and Schleiz. This massif wall staunchs 215 million cubic meter of water.

The most beautiful place of this lake ist the regatta course in Bad Lobenstein.

Wikipedia / Geisler Martin

Of course a rowing club is seated at this nearly perfect place. So you can row in this water which is as smoth as glass and enjoy the view. You can row there in an easy and non- exhausting way but you can also join hard competitions.

But rowing is not the only sport you can do there. Other sport activities like sailing or swimming are also popular.

It does sound like you want to visit it, doesn't it?

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