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Verfasst von Berni, Ungarn

Lillafüred, Erzsébet sétány 1., Miskolc, Ungarn

Terraced Garden of Lillafüred

The Terraced Garden is one of the most attended sights of Miskolc, which is located in Lillafüred. It is where Szinva and Garadna streams are flowing into each other. This part of the city contains many other tourist attractions, for example Palotaszálló, a very  and the Waterfall of Lillafüred, which is 20 meter, the biggest in the country.


One of the waterfalls


28th September 2013 was the opening date of the Terraced garden’s modernisation. As a part of the project 7 terraces have been built: Terrace of Youth, Poetry, Music, Meetings, Flowers, Sculpture and Waterfalls.

In the Sculpture Terrace, there are a lot of monuments about famous Hungarians, especially who bound to Miskolc somehow. The best known person was Herman Ottó, a famous scientist and politician, who wrote a huge pile of books about animals, when he lived in Miskolc. He has a full-length statue in the park, made by Varga Éva.
            One of Hunary’s most famous poet, József Attila also has a statue in the park because he wrote a poem here in 1933, called Óda. 

Statue of József Attila

Statue of Herman Ottó

The Terrace of Poetry is my favourite place there, because of the poems are written into the concrete and you can read them while walking.

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