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Frei Cafe

Verfasst von Abigél, Ungarn

Széchenyi István utca 67., Miskolc, Ungarn

Café Frei Miskolc


Café Frei is the most popular place in Miskolc's mainstreet, where youngers and elderly people both can chill, relax and drink very good coffees and eat the best cakes in the town. 

Tamas Frei journalist and contractor created this café franchise because he wanted to show us his big love: coffee, from different places of the world. He doesn't offer only the typical coffees, like Italien ones, you can drink Arabian, Japaneese, American, French and Latin coffee. The interesting thing is that he writes articles into the drink menu and introduce the world through coffee, and he changes them in every season. There are light drinks and really special ones too and if you don't like coffee, you can choose from many teas, lemonades, shakes. 

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The atmosphere inside is egzotic and pleasurable, you can sit down there upstairs or downstairs and when the weather is nice many tables are taken outside, where you have a view for the mainstreet.

I often visit Café Frei, because after school we can go there with my friends and regenerate and get energy for the rest of the day.

My friend and I

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