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Verfasst von Zsombor Szabó, Ungarn

Budapest, Budapest, Ungarn

The Lánchíd is located in my country, Hungary. This is a bridge makes a link between the two parts of our capital city. These two parts are Buda and Pest. This building is originally called Széchenyi lánchíd but the Hungarians usually speak about it as "Lánchíd".

This bridge was built by the order of István Széchenyi in 1839 and it was finished in 1849. A lot of people from foreign countries also took a huge part in making this bridge one of our country's most well-known symbol. For example an English architect designed it, his name is Willian Tierny Clark and the construction was led by the scottish Adam Clark. The square between the bridge and the tube was named after him. It costed 6,575 million forint, which was a really huge number in those days but fortunately Széchenyi could finance the expanses.


After the World War II the retiring german army blew up the Lánchíd and in 1949 they rebuild it and people could use it again.

This suspension bridge is 308 meter long and 14,8 meter wide. There are two lanes on it for cars and there are also pavements for pedastrians. A lot of people are using it daily for crossing the river Duna and the tourists also often visits it beacause of the city centre's beutiness where you can found the Lánchíd. In the front of the bridge there are two lions lying each side and the curiosity is that none of the has tongue. 

On the 20th of August, on our national holiday the goverment organises a very spectacular firework party and more than a million firework is shot to the air from the Lánchíd.

Source: MTI

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