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Das hundertjährige Birnbaum

Verfasst von Simeon Radosta, Tschechische Republik

Strachujov 45, 592 42 Strachujov, Tschechische , Strachujov 45, 592 42 Strachujov, Tschechische , Strachujov, Czech Republic, Tschechische Republik

Strachujov village could be found in a beautiful valley of Svratka river in Zdar nad Sazavou district. It is only a small village composed by fifty houses and 150 residents. With this the population can live their lives quietly and enjoyably. The people love celebrating. As a good example: Every weekend they celebrate someone's birthday. But one week nobody had a birthday, so they organised a beer feast.

The residents could be a little unfriendly to foreigners. Especially if you want to visit their pub. But that is only because there is just a little tourism. It could be slightly adventurous. Of course nobody would harm any visitor.

Only a few hundred meters from Strachujov on a hill stands the centennial peer tree. It is a symbol truly worthy of admiration. Even though the tree looks decayed it still has few green leaves every year. Sadly for young ones it has stopped generating fruit.

One can sit and enjoy a colorful view of the village and rustic surroundings. The place is so quiet and fulfilling that it gives almost unearthly feeling. I recomend you to visit such a place. Not only to relax, but also to feel the enormous presence of nature.