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Old Course

Verfasst von Jan Kopceky, Tschechische Republik

West Sands Road, St Andrews, Vereinigtes Königreich

Old Course in St Andrews is the world's oldest golf course. St Andrews is a city in Scotland. The course is part of town. On this place was born golf in the modern form. This golf course is the most iconic for all golfer. First mentions are from 15. century, but actuall image is the result of many adjustments. The most important people for course was old Tom Morris and Alister MacKenzie. 

Course has 18 holes and par 72 shots. This course determined the usuall number of holes and shots. Course is 6721 yeards long. St Andrews Old Course has many famous places for exaple: Bridge on the 18th hole, or hell bunker on the 17th hole. 

Course regulary organizes The British Open. It is very important golf turnament from the series Manager. Last 25 years organized British Open every five years. First British open was here in the 1873 and this turnament won Tom Kidd. Old Course hosted 28 The British Open and this year will hoste another. 

In year 2014 golf club in St Andres did a big decision, becouse now women can become memeber of Royal Golf Club St Andrews. 

Every golfer want to play on this course, becouse it is an obligation. If golf is a religiton, Old Course is our Jesus. 

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